“Bite” 30 Day Challenge with Efectio

Increasing employee satisfaction, strengthening values and becoming more efficient!

About „Bite“

“Bite Latvija” is a Latvian telecommunications company working in this market for 15 years. “Bite” is the sixth most desirable workplace in Latvia, and it has received the title “Annual Growth 2019”. The company has set its core values high:

  • caring for people;
  • team work;
  • creativity;
  • passion to achieve its goal;
  • excellence in everything.

“Bite” employs people who are open to opportunities and always ready for new challenges. The company offers its employees an exciting work environment, growth opportunities and a variety of entertainment.

800 „Bite“ 4G technology base stations

15 years
of experience

6 subsidiaries

Employee satisfaction level – 71%

75% of managers who have experienced growth in the company

The Solution

Challenge yourself and your team! #strongertogether

In order to challenge and engage its work team, in 2018 “Bite” established cooperation with Efectio. Every day, performing various mental, physical, nutritional, efficiency and creativity tasks related to “Bite’s” values, employees had the opportunity to compete with themselves and colleagues. The official hashtag of the company is #strongertogether, so the challenge intended to perform some of the tasks together in the team to better feel the #strongertogether of “Bite” employees.

Employee engagement in the “Bite” challenge:

  • 30 challenge days;
  • 291 participants;
  • 8 physical activity tasks;
  • 18 mental tasks;
  • 4 nutritional tasks;
  • 2064 tasks completed in total;
  • 28787 photos “likes”.

During the “Bite’s” 30-day challenge participants were rewarded for their engagement in company activities and for their great achievements. At the end of the challenge, the winning team got the main prize – a fun team event together, whereas the individual with best score – a gift card to creatively choose how to use the reward. The company also presented various other awards to its employees for good activity during the program.

Campaign Results

Together „Bite“ can do more!

Thanks to Efectio, at the end of 2018, employees felt not only the festive atmosphere but also the spirit of the competition in the company. “Bite’s” 30-day challenge allowed to revive company values, in an unusual way, with both individual and team tasks. 291 enthusiastic employees registered for the challenge, and the employees earned a place at the top of the leaderboard with their persistent work and special talents. Both friendly persuasion and bribery methods were used to obtain “likes” for the photos. In the individual evaluation, the winner with 5225 points admitted that this challenge is, indeed, appropriate for this word because, in order to maintain enthusiasm and a place in the leadership position until the very end, he had to fight with himself:

“This 30-day adventure definitely brought our team together and made us think about the things that are usually passed.”

– winner of the “Bite” challenge.

The winning team, with 4723 points earned, also acknowledged that by participating in this challenge, the team has become more cohesive, as the whole month has been spent in correspondence, negotiations around tasks, as well as together organized walks and exercises to complete them:

“As a team, we looked after each other and no day went by without completing the task,” says the participant, adding that their team faced various challenges. The biggest of them was completing tasks on weekends. In turn, the most memorable for the whole team is the organized walk to the “Sky” supermarket to reach the number of steps set per day.

“Effective! That’s how we can describe the “Bite’s” month of Efectio challenge in one word. With tasks and challenges in line with our company’s values, we inspired each other for both healthier and more socially responsible daily work and leisure activities. Together we can do more!”

– Ance Kovale, “Bite” challenge manager.