“Conexus” 30 Day Challenge with Efectio

Strengthening the team and promoting its well-being!

About Conexus

Baltic Grid manages one of the most modern natural gas storage facilities in Europe. One of the company’s values is sustainability – Conexus is a socially responsible company that takes care of the growth of its employees and the overall development of the industry, also by offering sustainable employment. The main guiding principles of the company’s future strategy are focused on technology modernization, improvement and active personnel management.

Professionalism is highly valued in everything, and it is important for the company that employees, customers and partners can rely on it. Therefore, one of the main values of the company is loyal and professional employees. In order to ensure the growth, improvement and unified team of employees, Conexus implements employee training in accordance with the required competencies. In addition, Conexus aims to develop an employee competence management plan, which would make it possible to recognize employee strengths and more precisely identify the training required for each employee.

Operates a 1188 km
long gas pipeline system

More than 300
staff members

In the list of TOP 20
most valuable Latvian companies

The Solution

A virtual team event to bring healthy habits to life.

To ensure the well-being of its employees, Conexus established a partnership with Efectio in 2019, which would allow the work team to participate in a fun growth program, as well as win various rewards for a high level of involvement. The 30-day Conexus challenge was designed to bring the company’s values to life, as well as to enable employees to challenge themselves in physical activity, nutrition and various mental tasks, both individually and together with colleagues. As one of the company’s values is sustainability, the challenge also included a number of environmental challenges, such as plogging activity and saving electricity, which would bring this value to life in the company’s culture.

By fostering a cohesive and growth-oriented company culture, Conexus supports the use of technology in team-building activities that could make employees’ daily lives even healthier and more active, get to know colleagues better, and create a positive work atmosphere without interfering with normal work routine. By creating a challenge game on the Efectio platform, a new virtual task was offered to the employee every day, the fulfillment of which is intended to achieve various goals – promotion of healthy habits, cooperation, new skills, pleasure, etc. This would create shared memories and unity between all the company’s remote units and teams.

“So far, I have come across various health promotion platforms, but they have all been created by foreign companies. It is a pleasure that such a Latvian solution is finally available on the market. This, of course, facilitates mutual cooperation, making it quick and easy. ”

 Mārtiņš Žogots, Head of Environment and Workplace Safety Department at Conexus.

Employee engagement in the virtual challenge:

  • 30 challenge days;
  • 3 Brain tasks;
  • 5 Physical activities;
  • 5 Colleague tasks;
  • 5 Environmental tasks;
  • 4 Nutrition Tasks;
  • More than 500 attached pictures.

Campaign Results

  • 62% of active challenge participants.
  • Improved employee involvement by 6%.
  • 53% higher Employee Net Promoter Score.

Improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

The virtual team event to bring healthy habits to life ended with successful results and many positive emotions. The overall level of employee engagement and satisfaction was improved, and new colleagues were met. Also during the challenge, employees paid increased attention to their nutrition, physical activity, environment and team relationships.

More than half or 62% of the program participants showed great activity in receiving the highest “titles” – “Healthy Habits Friend”, “Healthy Habits Ambassador” and “Healthy Habits Guru”, as well as recognition awards for good results. With a greater understanding of the company’s values and mission, employee engagement increased by 6% during the challenge.

“I liked the challenge because it was a great opportunity to take a break from my daily work. I liked the friendly spirit of the competition, which made me think about how to beat the good ideas of my colleagues. As an employee who has joined the company recently, I had a great opportunity to get to know my colleagues from the best side. I think such activities are worth repeating. If so, I will definitely participate. Fun activities that employees enjoy, unite the team and help to diversify everyday life.”

– Participant of the Conexus challenge.

The employee satisfaction index determines how much employees want to recommend their job. It is calculated by deducting the percentage of detectors from the company’s promoters and obtaining the company’s level of support for the total number of employees.

The 30-day challenge achieved surprising results in raising employee loyalty based on changes in the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Employee satisfaction surveys before and after the Conexus challenge revealed that the eNPS had increased by 53%.

As a result of the program, Conexus, using the opportunities provided by Efectio, allowed employees to prove themselves in various fields and virtually share impressions with each other. The biggest benefit – more engaged and united employees who feel good and cared for in their workplace.