Onboarding program – a virtual assistant for your new
employee’s successful first steps in getting to know the company.

Onboarding for New Employees


Encourage new talents to get to know your company values, team and work responsibilities!

No secret, attracting new, qualified talents is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, the way the company is prepared to successfully introduce and integrate the new employee into the company culture is essential!

Efectio provides the ability to develop a customized and automated onboarding program for your company by developing a range of practical and theoretical tasks. That will enable the new employees to systematically familiarize themselves with the company, its values, and master the key introductory processes and training materials.

Benefits of Onboarding

The interactive onboarding program for new employees will ensure:

Management Practices

A thoughtful and strategic set of onboarding tasks will facilitate the new employee’s systematic process acquisition and easy monitoring.

Engagement and Loyalty
to the Company

Onboarding will increase employee engagement and reduce new employee rotation, boosting loyalty for the company from day one!

First Experience

Complementing the employee’s onboarding experience with elements of appreciation and unity – the stressful first days will become more exciting and less tense, creating a positive first insight.

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Employee Engagement Platform


A versatile platform for organizing virtual activity challenges that will strengthen both team spirit and collaboration among colleagues, as well as understanding the functions and values of the organization.


Promote engagement and a positive work experience from day one!

Onboarding Task Creation

Use a ready-made solution or create one yourself!

Take advantage of our 30-day ready-made expert challenges to promote healthy habits at work! Or access our platform and the challenge catalogue to design your own exciting and challenging tasks to help you to achieve your desired goals such as team building, getting to know the company values or reinforcing healthy habits.

Tasks Designed by Efectio

Our team of experts will design challenges that are designed to your company’s specific values with a set of tasks to achieve the desired results, such as team building, learning your values or engaging in new habits!

Create a Task Yourself!

Access our platform and the challenge catalogue to design your own challenging tasks. Our examples will help you as customizable templates to personalize them and achieve your desired results!

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