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Employee Emotion Scanning

Efectivo offers to provide a full emotional profile for your employees. Keep track of how your employees are feeling, what do they like or dislike, what are the biggest challenges and areas where they think needs improvement. We then analyze the data and give you a summary of each employee’s emotional profile. This data helps to shape a healthy company culture and improve engagement. Happy employees means a better workplace.

We analyze the emotional profile using our engagement tools:

  • Mood surveys:

Each day employees report their mood. Over time we provide an infographic that shows the changes in each employee’s mood.

  • Connect smart-devices:

Employees can use their smart devices – smartwatches, smart bands, phones, etc… to connect with Efectio platform and provide valuable insights on their health and emotional well being. Efectio tracks distance walked, calories burned, heart rate, oxygen saturation and other health metrics to create a health and emotional profile. Employees can opt in which metrics will be tracked.

  • Pulse surveys:

Here employees can go more in depth about their feelings and challenges. Use our insights tool to get a summary of all answers.

Insights tool

After data is gathered Efectio data processing tools provide a summary of the full emotional profile. See your team’s overall summary of emotional health or look at each individual employee’s profile. Afterwards you can export the data to use on other 3rd party data analysis tools.

Employee emotion feedback

Efectio offers AI powered interactive feedback CRM software that can be used within Efectio digital platform as well as deployed on site in your office. It’s designed to collect information from employees, such as their feedback and emotional well being. Employees can manually report their feedback or emotions with our touchless technology.

Our feedback crm software uses a camera to detect a person’s movement, so employees can signal with either thumbs up for positive feedback or thumbs down for negative feedback.

AI input analytics is used to derive information from visual inputs such as facial expressions. Our software uses machine learning and image processing technologies to gather data and then uses specific algorithms to analyze inputs. Data then is accessible at the Efectio platform.

Employees can use our software within Efectio’s platform. They need a camera so our software can read their inputs or you can set up our interactive feedback machine which works well with on-site staff.

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