Employee Onboarding VR

One of the most important first step to successfully bring a new recruit in your organization is to get them up to speed as fast as possible. A good onboarding process can save time and increase productivity, while establishing company culture. Efectio provides automated onboarding plans with ready to use presets, to cut time and costs even more, while bringing the most well rounded, interactive onboarding experience with data analysis and insights to easy follow up on the onboarding process.

Ready to use onboarding templates

Create Custom onboarding plans

Use one of our templates and customize them to your needs to create your personalized onboarding plans for new recruits. Choose what kind of activities your new recruits will have to do! You can add video content to facilitate engagement and provide learning materials.

Communication is key

Facilitate inclusivity and communication by using our social engagement platform.

Make sure your new recruits feel included and connected with other employees. Our solution is built on feedback and socializing, similar to an internal social media platform, so your new employees will quickly feel connected to others!

Check their progress

Test knowledge

Create different tasks that test your new employee knowledge or create surveys ! Check up on how they are performing during their onboarding process and improve where necessary!

Employee experience

Points + rewards = motivated employees!

Employees gain points by completing different tasks , you can choose the benefits that they can get! Motive your new recruits to do their best by awarding them!

HR Insights

Data analysis

Receive reports and data about how your new employees are doing ! With these insights you can see the weak spots in the onboarding process and try to resolve problems with your new recruits individually.

Interactive onboarding with VR technology

Efectio offers next generation onboarding experience by using virtual reality technology to onboard and train new employees! It’s interactive, fun and most importantly a great complimentary experience to an already established onboarding plan. Take it to the next level and develop interactive office tours, work safety training and communication tools with Efectio’s virtual reality solution.

What we offer:

  • Interactive virtual reality office tours. Take 360 degree pictures of your office space and display them to the new recruits.
  • Work safety training. Display videos and interactive spaces and make it interactive with virtual reality technology. It’s cost effective and provides better immersion than regular training, especially in a remote environment.
  • Interactive communication. Create interactive rooms and meetings where the host can use different mediums to communicate with new recruits. See movement and actions performed by the host in an immersive virtual environment.

It’s very accessible

Some might think that virtual reality is an expensive solution, but we believe that it can be scaled. We provide hosts and on site employees with all the necessary tools to fully use the virtual spaces – cameras, headsets, controllers etc. This is necessary and will serve as a base to build upon the VR experience for the whole team. Remote employees can use their mobile phone and a few inexpensive accessories to join and interact with others.

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