Four Pillars

Four employee engagement pillars


Efectio’s gamification increases productivity and makes employees happier with it’s innovative digital employee engagement platform. Our modern HR approach is based on the four main pillars of employee engagement:

  • Growth – enable employees to learn and build skills by integrating micro-learning in their daily routine.
  • Well-being – bring new habits to life; improve employees’ well-being and energy levels and educate employees on health matters.
  • Goals – remind everyone about the company’s goals and empower employees to align company goals with their personal ambitions.
  • Socialization – connect employees and engage with the ability to interactively share their insights and give feedback to colleagues.

Four Pillars


Activities for physical, mental, social health, and employee education on well-being.


Personal and professional progress. Includes micro-learning and education.


Combines company KPIs with other metrics to see how happiness improves performance.

Social engagement:

Communication is the key to creativity, great collaboration, and social well-being.

With each section representing 25% of an employee’s Efectio Score, leaders gain insights into engagement levels, performance, well-being and employee satisfaction, and the overall culture of their company and teams.

Our happy customers

91.5% of the employees who used Efectio would recommend it. We have received many letters with lovely comments. Here are just a few of them!

Happy employees → successful company