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New Talent Skill Development

Provide your employees an interactive microlearning experience

So they can stay up to date with new developments and skills required.


We have all the tools so that you can develop your own internal microlearning experiences or use our education marketplace to browse ready-made content.

By taking advantage of the technology and gamification elements, the Efectio Microlearning platform enables your employees to learn through a variety of multimedia solutions and perform practical tasks at any place and time, without significantly delaying the work process.

Ready-made content from 1000+ professionals

In collaboration with professionals from different industries, we have developed training programs to upskill employees in specific areas. These are month-long challenges that include videos from professionals, different learning and development materials and complete guides.

We have ready-made content made in collaboration with industry professionals in the following topics:

New Talent Skill Development

Why is it needed?


69% of employees will reject a job offer if they find out that the company’s employees are generally unhappy


70% of staff will leave their current organization to work in a company that invests in employees development and training


92% of employees believe that a convenient platform that allows them to communicate and get closer to colleagues would increase job satisfaction

Our customers

New Talent Skill Development
During the pandemic, we looked for extraordinary solutions to help our employees strengthen team spirit and promote an active lifestyle. The tool offered by Efectio was a great choice. We also appreciate the professional support and responsiveness of the Efectio team, and in the future, we will definitely consider the possibilities to continue using the ideas implemented by Efectio.Martins PankeHead of Corporate Communications
What this project disclosed to us – no event had revealed the creativity and different talents of our colleagues in such an explicit way. During the challenge, we saw one surprise after another, a whole series of surprises! In the middle of the game, the leaderboard of the challenge changed significantly, and the teams began to think not only about the creative execution of tasks, but also about the tactics of the game.Agnete BustaCorp. “RĪGAS SILTUMS” – Public Relations and Communications specialist
If we could use one word to describe the Efectio month challenge at Bite, it would be ‘efficient’! By engaging in tasks and challenges that correspond to our company values, we have inspired each other to engage in healthier and more socially-responsible daily work and leisure activities. Together we can do more! #strongertogether.Ance KovaleBite – Head of Human Resources
So far, I have come across various health promotion platforms, but they have all been created by foreign companies. It is a pleasure that such a Latvian solution is finally available on the market. This, of course, facilitates mutual cooperation, making it quick and easy.Martins ZogotsConexus – Head of Environment and Working Safety Department
In collaboration with the Efectio team, we created an employee motivation program to define values ​​and encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The results were great! Employees participated with enthusiasm, bringing together different generations and professions. Thank you, Efectio team, for being open, responsive and attentive to our wishes!Diana ValdemareLatvenergo – Marketing Project Manager
Efectio is a great tool that has improved relationships within our team and encouraged interaction beyond our monthly meetings. Beyond that, it helps people to learn something new about healthy lifestyles and to motivate colleagues to develop healthy habits.Guntis CodersAccenture – Head of Accenture Kurzeme region
New Talent Skill Development New Talent Skill Development New Talent Skill Development New Talent Skill Development New Talent Skill Development New Talent Skill Development New Talent Skill Development

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