Become an upgraded version of YOUrself

  • 1.1k+ Hours of coaching
  • 18+ year expirience
  • 28 days

Become an upgraded version of YOUrself is a 3-level challenge designed to enable your growth in several areas of your life.

Challenge Benefits

  • Clarity about what you want to realize and experience in different areas of life
  • A deeper understanding of who you are and who you want to be
  • Confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • Peace in challenging life situations
  • The feeling that there has been positive growth in your life

What you’ll learn

  • The main goal of the challenge is to look deeper into yourself, get to know yourself and find a new approach to life and various events. This challenge will change the perspective of life from “life happens to me” to “I am the author of my own life”. The goal of this challenge is to broaden our perspective and deepen our understanding of who we are and how we influence events in our lives. The challenge is to empower your mindset to live a life of joy, gratitude, confidence and fulfillment!

Meet your mentor

Laura Kunstberga is a professional Life and Business Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation, has completed several coaching programs, and, besides working with clients individually, also works as a mentor to new professional coaches.

Challenge “Become an upgraded version of YOUrself”