Laura Kunstberga

strongly believes that all life changes and how we experience it shall start within the mindset. Becoming aware of one’s focus, attention, thoughts, beliefs, perception, values, habits is the first step to transform the ‘current internal state’ for the ‘improved internal state’. The internal state we are currently in drives us to make certain choices in life and generate results, as well as our subjective perception of reality. When there has been a shift in the mindset of the internal state – it is natural to start making different choices according to the new mindset, and new choices create new results = different reality.


Laura is a professional Life and Business coach with corporate background. She has worked with individuals and corporations as external coach. Laura has 15+ years of a total work experience and 5+ years of coaching experience.

Laura’s coaching practice in numbers:
• coaching related training 450+ hours
• individual and group coaching sessions 500+ hours
• mentoring and teaching new coaches 150+ hours


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What People are Saying

I came to Laura at a turning point in my life – deep inside I knew I was not happy but on the surface things were fine and I gave into the fear and remained stuck for a long time. Laura helped me deconstruct my fears around changing my life to be aligned with my heart and her warmth really made the difference – it was easy to open up and get to the root cause of my blocks. Now a year later I am still thankful for her coaching skills and personality – after our sessions I had a much better understanding of myself. That allowed me to dive into a completely new chapter of my life, which is scary at times but I have never looked back. Thank you Laura!
Kristīne Strautāne
Business Owner | E-commerce | Sales Management | Business Development |
I met Laura at group mentoring sessions where coaches work together to increase their qualification. We have held 3 coaching sessions so far and I really enjoy Laura’s professional approach in truly hearing beyond my words and seeing a bigger and deeper picture of how I work as a system. Laura helped me in defining my limiting beliefs and is not afraid to challenge me to make sure that I dont give up in achieving my goals. I highly recommend her!

Ieva Paegle
Marketing Professional & Coach, ACC (ICF)
We held multiple coaching sessions with Laura. I enjoyed structural approach, defining expected outcome and open ended questions making me to think thoroughly. During the meetings we established easy discussions to go beyond initial perceptions and change the lens. I do feel that it has positively impacted my professional performance and the way I view certain things.
Edgars Vilnis
Transfer Pricing Senior Manager at KPMG UK
Laura is a very professional and open minded person. I had a first coaching session in my life and never thought that could feel so comfortable doing that. During the session, I did really discover new things about myself and ways to solve certain things which were bothering me. She is a perfect coach which could really open your mind and help you look at certain matters in a different way.
Nerijus Zaleckas
Attorney at law, founder at Zaleckas Law Firm

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