Become an employee well being ambassador and become a voice that creates a better company culture! Efectio stands by fair and progressive company culture and employee well-being and recognition !

Efectio is a platform that we are very proud of and we believe that we have created a strong brand in the company culture space ! And we are asking you to be a part of our growing community !


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Earn discounts

Both you and your lead gets a discount whenever they sign up trough your referral link! That should greatly incentivize your friend to try our product! We offer up to 50 % discount on our subscription service for the first months!

We provide all the marketing materials and automated marketing content !

We make sure that you have all the materials to show and share so that your potential lead is more likely to make a purchase! Once they have signed up they recieve all the additional information from us ! We can provide infographics, banners etc. We can also provide content for a blog post that you can share on your platform!

It’s very simple!

You will have a unique referral link that you can share on any platform. Use your referral link for all your leads!

You are part of a community and Efectio team!

We work with our partners very closely, so you get reports, guidance, tips and much more directly from our team. We treat you like you are on of us. Expect a close collaboration with our success team!

Intuitive affiliate system

We have partnered with an affiliate management company Rewardfull to provide the best experience in terms of tracking leads and income!

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