Employee Engagement Platform for Employee and Business Growth

Efectio’s engaging approach to educate and motivate employees


Use a ready-made solution or create one tailored to specific team needs!

Promote employee engagement and company growth through expertly created 30-day challenges or access our platform’s challenge catalog to take advantage of different tasks for uniting, educating, introducing healthy habits, and much more!

Health Month

Make your employees healthier while uniting the team and create a pleasant working environment!


Visualize the busy daily life of employees through virtual activities and create a cohesive and collaborative team!

Month of
Corporate Values

Raise awareness of company values within the team with practical tasks and gamification elements.

Team Building

Team building with gamification and healthy competition elements for active employee engagement and strengthening overall team spirit.

Workplace Safety Automatization

Provide employees an effective digital safety briefing!


Guide new employee’s first steps with a virtual assistant for successfully getting to know the company.


Provide employees an interactive microlearning experience to stay on top of current training programs!

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