Virtual Health Month will make your employees healthier,
unite the team and create a pleasant working environment at your company!

Health Month in Your Company


Introduce healthy habits into the daily lives of your employees in 30 days!

Virtual Health Month is a well-being promotion event that lasts 30 days and provides employees with practical advice and tasks to achieve a healthy lifestyle, such as how to overcome stress on a daily basis, create a more productive working environment and be more physically active!

This facilitates a healthy business culture, encouraging employees to reflect on and take care of their health every day and motivating them to achieve their own personal health and well-being goals!

Benefits of Virtual Health Month

Virtual Health Month uses educational tasks and gamification to:

Improve the Health and
Productiveness of Employees

Healthy activities improve the health and vitality of employees and also increase efficiency and positive energy at work.

Team Spirit

Team events improve mutual communication between colleagues and create closer relationships, resulting in a more united and friendlier team, as well as a more pleasant working environment.

Promote Employee
Engagement and Loyalty

A supportive, thoughtful and motivating working environment and a united, friendly team create a feeling of belonging within the company, promoting employee engagement and loyalty.

Virtual Health Month PDF

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  • Healthy Employee Engagement Platform


    An innovative platform for organizing Health Month that makes introducing healthy habits an adventure!


    Improve not only the well-being of employees but also their motivation and engagement!

    Virtual Health Month Task Creation

    Use a ready-made solution or create one yourself!

    Take advantage of our 30-day ready-made expert challenges to promote healthy habits at work! Or access our platform and the challenge catalogue to design your own exciting and challenging tasks to help you to achieve your desired goals such as team building, getting to know the company values or reinforcing healthy habits.

    Mental Tasks

    Expand your knowledge and improve your mental well-being.

    Physical Tasks

    Boost your energy levels and improve your overall well-being.

    Social Tasks

    Promote socially responsible behavior, both towards the environment and those around us.

    Create Yourself!

    Create on the Efectio platform a unique task by yourself!

    Request a Demo

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