Becoming more productive!

  • 800 + enrolled students
  • 12+ years of experience
  • 28 days of challenge

When time really is money and valuable resource in our daily lives, implement time management tips & tricks and improve your productivity!

Challenge Benefits

  • Higher productivity to do more in less time
  • Higher concentration, improving overall performance on a daily basis
  • Satisfaction and higher energy levels, increasing well-being and positively influencing relationships

What you’ll learn

  • Practical ways and techniques to increase productivity on a daily basis, time planning, setting goals and priorities will be learned.

Meet your mentor

Lasma Polikevica is a certified team and personal development coach, who supports people on their way to their goals and realization of their full potential, while overcoming fear, developing courage and self-confidence.

Challenge “Becoming more productive!”

Join the 28-day challenge, where you will “shake up” your productivity and time management skills, in order to improve not only your performance and manage more in less time, but also improve your well-being, concentration, stress resilience and ultimately relationships with others.