Emotional Intelligence

  • 300 + enrolled students
  • 15+ years of experience
  • 28 days of challenge

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize emotions, understand their causes, manage them, and use emotions flexibly to increase the effectiveness of thinking and problem-solving.

Challenge Benefits

  • Employee loyalty and involvement will be increasing;
  • Their efficiency and productivity increase;
  • Better stress resistance and prevention of emotional burnout;
  • Development of communication skills;
  • Improving mutual relations in a team and consolidating it.

What you’ll learn

  • Emotional intelligence development will allow you to choose reactions and feelings in a particular situation. The idea is simple: the more choices, the more adaptability. So personal efficiency also increases significantly.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Everything is very simple – an emotionally developed team directly affects the company’s well-being

Meet your mentor

Laila Snidzāne is Head of the MetaCoach Training Center. Senior manager with more than 15 years of experience in leading and developing small and medium-sized teams in companies in various industries. Practicing coach, emotional intelligence and business skills development coach.

About Challenge

During this 28-day challenge:

  • You will learn what emotional intelligence is and what the components of this skill development are;
  • You will hear about the mechanism of emotional reaction – how we can manage our emotions and influence the desired result;
  • You will learn the algorithm of “reading” your own and other people’s emotions;
  • You will train to recognize, as well as express emotions, get acquainted with the meaning and functions of emotions – for which each of us is given;
  • Identify your “effective” and “ineffective” emotions that lead to personal effectiveness;
  • You will see the most common causes of emotions – both universal and you will start to get to know your personal ones;
  • Get an emotion management tool and information about the effects on other people’s emotions.

Challenge “Emotional Intelligence”

It will be a 28-day trip, where challenges, discoveries, surprises, joy, and much more await you every day.