Develop your communication leadership!

  • 300 + enrolled students
  • 18+ years of experience
  • 28 days of challenge

We don’t have to be managers to be communications leaders who embody honest, open, targeted communication with colleagues. We need to be aware of ourselves as informal leaders who can effectively communicate with others and are an example for colleagues.

Challenge Benefits

  • Employees will strengthen their communication leaders – “I as a role model in communication with colleagues”;
  • Employees will take responsibility for communication in the work environment;
  • In the future, communication in the organization will be more constructive and purposeful;
  • People will probably be willing to see a different vision for the power to find solutions;
  • The challenge will foster a culture of recognition and cooperation.

What you’ll learn

  • Train the technique of defining the message
  • Will learn feedback patterns
  • Will learn to listen and understand what a colleague says
  • Train the ability to perceive different points of view and points of view
  • Will learn the rules of effective communication
Develop your communication leadership

Meet your mentor

Ieva Zaumane is an internal communication and employee engagement strategist. She has been working on communication management for 18 years, written hundreds of different texts and articles, and managed the teams herself.

Challenge “Develop your communication leadership!”