• 8k + enrolled students
  • 24+ years of experience
  • 28 days of challenge

Anti-Stress is a well-being challenge that creates good feelings and significantly reduces stress.

Challenge Benefits

  • Allows better motivation of employees
  • Improves work productivity and increases involvement in work
  • Allow employees to succeed in the challenge full time
  • Reduces the possibility of conflicts in the workplace
  • Improves the ability to solve situations and find new solutions
  • Increases the chances of meeting deadlines
  • Improves the communication process
  • Increases employee job satisfaction
  • Allows you to develop a team
  • Allows better use of employees’ talents

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn techniques to strengthen resilience to stress on a daily basis.

Meet your mentor

Dace Lace is a passionate well-being expert and designer of wellbeing strategies with more than 20 years of international experience in leadership advisory, talent management, and human resources development consultancy.

Challenge “Anti-stress”

It will be a 28-day trip, where challenges, discoveries, surprises, joy, and much more await you every day.