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in sales and sales leadership fields works already for more than 12+ years. Foundation was built in door-to-door sales in the USA, Canada, and the UK, knocking on people’s doors and selling encyclopedias.


During the 6 years of working in the field, Guntars knocked on more than 45,000 doors. In addition to that, he has sales experience in Latvia, approaching people in malls, altogether around 25,000 people. Guntars has lived in Australia, working on several sales projects, as well as in London, where he specifically worked in the sales consulting and training industry. Right now, Guntars helps companies and organizations to get their sales and communication skills to the next level.


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What People are Saying

I really appreciate that Guntars did not just conduct trainings that repeated well-known things, but was also able to give new sales tools and instruments to employees who have extensive experience in working with customers.
Student of Guntars
Guntars is an expert and expert in his work – I was convinced of that during our joint cooperation, where we worked with our customer service and sales team.

Student of Guntars
High quality training. You can immediately see that Guntars is not a theorist who recounts what he has read in books, but he himself has a great deal of experience in direct sales.

Student of Guntars
Guntars was able to delve into the day-to-day work of our company with customers, internal processes, communication and, based on it, provide quality feedback and meaningful recommendations, as well as give new experience and insight on how to work more effectively with customers.
Student of Guntars

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