Ieva Zaumane

is an internal communication and employee engagement strategist. She has been working on communication management for 18 years, written hundreds of different texts and articles, and managed the teams herself. She has had actual practice in involving colleagues, strengthening trust, providing feedback, and receiving feedback. In addition, she has been at the epicenter of both crises and changes, which have required the ability to create structured communication in the most challenging situations.


Employers such as the State Revenue Service, Hansabank, Latvian Investment Development Agency, Ombudsman’s Office, Education Development Agency, Latvian Post, and Corporate Relations Company Hauska & Partner have developed Ieva’s experience. Over the past seven years, she has spoken at international and local conferences, seminars, and webinars. Ieva Zaumane trains management teams in communication leadership, change management, communication and facilitates the coaching sessions and practical workshops. She also educates the new generation of communication practitioners, teaching at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and Riga Stradiņi University.


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What People are Saying

She is able to interest and involve the audience with her narration. The seminars are constructive and sequential, with a good balance between theory and practical training. We believe that the master classes prepared and led by Ieva have a high added value, because each participant was made to look at a “fresh” view of things and the learned methods can be useful and applicable when working with other issues as well.

Zaiga Liepina
Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Stockmann was involved as a professional in the field of Internal Communication. At a time when fast, efficient and accurate information is very important to the company, Ieva’s task was to evaluate the existing channels and make recommendations for improvement in the future. We are satisfied with the services provided by Ieva, both by creating a workshop with managers and by providing recommendations for improving information, and we continue to work according to Ieva’s recommendations.
Dace Goldmane
Director of Stockmann
Over the last ten years, I have set up and been involved in the development of several media companies, but every company has a time to make decisive decisions about change. I highly appreciate Ieva’s practical and academic knowledge. Already in the first consultations, Ieva allowed me to see the possibilities. It inspired me and put me on the right track.
Ingemars Vekteris
Chairman of the TV Board
We cooperated with Ieva for the second time. The delegation seminar she chaired had a long-term positive effect. The employees also enjoyed the training process itself. I also enjoyed the seminar on feedback! I recommend Ieva as a good internal communication coach.

Mudrite Grundule
Head of Prospero

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