Inta Santa

Is experienced life coach with a demonstrated history of working in the educational and human resources industry. skilled in coaching, team building, talent management, personal development , couple partnership improvement and meditation.


Inta is Innerlinks certified Transformation Game® facilitator; ICTA certified enneagram, business and coaching trainer; ICF accredited ProfesionaL Certifiedl Coach (PCC) and L-Con Global certified mentor coach according to ICF standarts. She keeps studying psychology, reciently gained certification as Jungian psychologist, and now are on the way to health psychologist certification. Inta works both individually and groups, as well as creates and conducts growth-promoting classes for different audiences. She performs in deeply transforming way.



14+ years



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What People are Saying

Sounds very banal, but coaching “came to me at the right time” if we assume that one moment in life could be
“more real” than others. This moment is so “real” because a person is at a crossroads in all areas of life that are important to him.
Ilze Poriķe
Sings, dances, draws, weaves, knits,
designs, but in his free time works in the county council
The fact that I know and what I do for my own purpose, while not deviating from my own value scale, is the merit of coaching, because a year ago I had not defined for myself how to really achieve what I intended, nor what my life is and how I want to live it.
Indra Gora
I myself am a certified coach and I am well aware of the importance of coaching in personal growth and achieving important goals. I felt this especially strongly when I decided to introduce and develop a new innovative product in Latvia during the crisis – floating.
Florens Jansons
Founder and manager of
“SIA Floating Universe”
“Thanks to Inta, I have found myself. Transformation game, eneagram, goal setting, simple sitting next to each other. Everything is in our hands to live happily and in harmony
with ourselves. Oh, no, it doesn’t happen right away, but the beginning is daring and courage. ”
Guna Eglīte

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