Latvenergo campaign “SmartEnergo”

Creating a friendly and cohesive company culture!

About Latvenergo

For the eleventh time in total, Latvenergo received the award for the most valuable company in the TOP 101 Most Valuable Companies of Latvia and has shown the highest rating of the Sustainability Index – 97.2%. The company is rapidly developing and looking for new ways of growth, constantly taking care of its main resource – employees. One of the company’s main values is sustainability, which ranks Latvenergo among the best Latvian employers in the manufacturing sector. The key words in describing the company’s culture are efficiency and being open to everything new, while moving towards excellence.

The company is developing by supporting various social projects, participating in sports, cultural and entertainment events and being one of the first to dare to use technologies that no one has seen before. Latvenergo is working hard to implement the best solutions that would allow to continue the existing traditions and promote new ones. In recent years, the company has devoted a lot to streamlining and digitizing processes.

  • 819000+

customers in the Baltic countries

  • 25%

market share in the Baltics

  • 3508


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The Solution

Bring together and engage the entire company team
with a common virtual challenge.

To rise to the next level, Latvenergo established a cooperation with Efectio in 2019 after searching for an opportunity to celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary. There was a need to gather all employees together and bring the company’s values to life. The company aimed to unite a large team of more than 3,000 employees operating in different parts of the country – in 32 cities and 56 different office buildings.

By promoting a culture of friendly and responsible company, Latvenergo supports team building activities and wants to offer programs that involve everyone. In this situation, Efectio’s digital benefits were the best solution. By creating a team building challenge game on the Efectio platform, every day employees get new virtual tasks, the fulfillment of which is intended to achieve various goals – promotion of healthy habits, cooperation, new skills, positivity, etc. Thus, the attention and enthusiasm of employees is maintained throughout the program, providing positive emotions.

“If valuable and very useful work can be presented or done in a way that gives extra genuine, positive emotions, it must be used! Don’t miss such an opportunity!”

 Diāna Valdemāre, SmartEnergo campaign manager.

Employee involvement in the Smartenergo campaign:

  • 88 challenge days. Every day a new task for the body, mind, nutrition or cooperation with colleagues.
  • 15,000 photos were taken to complete tasks. Opportunity for employees to share tasks with each other during the challenge.
  • In total, 2697 km were walked for improving health. Thanks to the platform’s advanced technology, it is possible to add a pedometer and other devices to measure well-being.
  • 297 jokes were told. Creating a positive work environment is one of Efectio’s main goals.
  • 987 types of exercises were performed. Incorporating healthy habits into everyday work.
  • 275 places in Latvia were viewed. Team building activities.
  • 213 of completed voluntary work. Bringing company values to life.
  • Learned 2794 energy efficiency tips. For acquiring new skills and knowledge.

“From the very first day, there was a great passion to complete the tasks, and we supported each other in the team throughout the challenge. We met regularly, we thought about how to complete the tasks, often it turned into a fun adventure full of laughter.”

– Inga, employee of Latvenergo

Campaign Results

Interactive individual and group tasks excite employees and provide additional motivation.

“We discovered so much about colleagues during the challenge! Someone dances like a ballerina, someone knows how to make a split, someone provides support every day and reminds of tasks. Lots of laughter every day! One of the most interesting tasks was to create a photo with the brother of the name, therefore I had to get acquainted with a colleague working in another structural unit. We also learned new skills and did not miss out on helping colleagues.”

– Oksana, employee of Latvenergo

The employee engagement campaign ended with successful results and positive feedback from both employees and the company’s management. As a result of the program, Latvenergo, using the opportunities provided by Efectio, were able to create a sense of team and belonging among employees, even if they do not meet on a daily basis. The biggest benefit – involved and united employees who feel good and motivated in their workplace.

“When the SmartEnergo program started, I had only worked for the company for a couple of weeks. I would like to thank the organizers of the game because after completing these challenges, I got to know my colleagues better, as well as other employees, with whom I do not meet on a daily basis. With the help of this game, I could more easily fit into the team, finding out which of my colleagues is more active, which is creative and which is more rational. So I hope this will not be the last time for this kind of activity!”

– Jēkabs, an employee of Latvenergo

“I can be proud and satisfied, because my employer Latvenergo knows how important the well-being of employees is and helps to bring new, healthy habits to life, even though we know that it is our responsibility as employees, to be healthy, happy, and satisfied with life.”

– Diāna Valdemāre, SmartEnergo campaign manager

The large-scale team-building event also gained international recognition outside the company’s environment. For the SmartEnergo campaign, Latvenergo won 3rd place in the Baltic communications industry competition “Mi:t&Links. Baltic Communication Awards 2020”.

“It is not for nothing that it has been appraised by communication experts from all over Europe, who in the jury, when evaluating the project, tried one of the challenges, testing for themselves the quick positive effect.”

– Diāna Valdemāre, SmartEnergo campaign manager