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What is Efectio?

Efectio is a digital HR tool for employee engagement, educating and skill-building, and connecting employees based on concepts found in gamification, microlearning, and health app integrations.

Neuroscience shows us that a combination of social learning, training programs, and gamification more effectively engages employees than traditional methods. Through gamification, Efectio promotes employee well-being, competence development, team-building, and brings company values to life.

Your Virtual Business Growth Assistant

Watch a video about us!

Watch a video about us!

Your Virtual Business Growth Assistant

Why choose us?


News feed

Employee intranet for socializing: share posts, comment, and view the tasks completed by other team members


A virtual place where employees can exchange collected points for rewards and receive them in an automated way

Daily task

A fragment of micro-learning that has to be mastered on a given day, taking only 5-15 minutes of employees’ time


Offers employees an interactive way to answer a question of the day to measure team satisfaction

Numbers speak for themselves


of employees will reject a job offer if they find out that the company’s employees are generally unhappy


of staff will leave their current organization to work in a company that invests in employees development and training


of employees believe that a convenient platform that allows them to communicate and get closer to colleagues would increase job satisfaction

Our happy customers

91.5% of the employees who used Efectio would recommend it. We have received many letters with lovely comments. Here are just a few of them!


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Organizations

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Organizations More and more attention is dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. As organizations hire internationally, various people work together to achieve goals and HR departments care for an inclusive work environment. In diversity attention is directed to gender, religious commitments, ethnicity, race, language and culture. Diversity also can be…

A Strong Employer Branding: The Key To Success

A Strong Employer Branding: The Key To Success Employer branding is the practice of defining, developing and managing a company’s reputation as an employer, according to Glassdoor.  When Corporate branding affects clients’ choice and perception of products and services, strong and clear employer branding most directly impacts current and potential employees’ perception of employer and…

International hiring: talent recruitment

International hiring: talent recruitment

International hiring: talent recruitment Nowadays there are almost no physical borders for hiring. Organizations also recruit international teams, mainly to access talents they are looking for. Factors like remote work, talent acquisition, skill gap, development in technologies, equity and inclusion cultivation promote organizations to look internationally for job candidates in a wider talent pool. Also…

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