Zanda Kristovica

is not afraid of new challenges, so diving, up to a depth of 45 meters, as well as parachuting is included in her life. Being on one level, you will never see what is hiding under water and it is always useful to fly in the air to see the whole picture. One of Zanda’s motto is – there are no boundaries, no fear and obstacles, you just have to know what you like in each case, then you will succeed!


Zanda has more than 7 years of experience as a manager and 15 years of experience in the sales industry. 5 years of experience in the business training industry, advising companies and solving various situations where the main values ​​are growth and development.


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What People are Saying

As someone who finds it difficult to open up and be open about their goals and emotions, I can say that this experience was amazing. Skeptical about coaching, about his right decision and future direction, Zanda Kristovica was able to tear down all the walls and let him understand what to go for. I recommend the method of transformation to anyone who may want to understand their future goals at this stage of their life, how to get there and open their minds to their true abilities.
Monta Dannenberga
Coachee of Zanda

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