Create synergy between company and employees!

Efectio brings you technical and content-based solutions in order to strengthen and unite your workforce. Invest in your company’s number 1 asset – your employees – and make your company their second home. Introduce them to a healthy work environment by promoting a better understanding of your business values or creating various fun and engaging office challenges to blossom the ecosystem of your office.

Enjoy the healthy benefits and see fast improvements in your employee motivation and productivity!

Platform for different solutions and results!

By combining the abilities of modern technology, gamification, and content elements, we have developed an employee engagement and learning platform that provides solutions in six key areas, positively impacting employee engagement and loyalty, and increasing motivation and productivity.

Employee Well-being

Invest in your employee wellness and overall well-being, and obtain a healthier, happier and productive workforce, that brings your company to even greater success.

Employee Collaboration

Create fun and engaging team-building activities for your employees in order to foster more effective collaboration between colleagues and friendlier company culture!

Employee Engagement

Boost your employee engagement and emotional commitment to your company, its values, and goals through team-building and individual tasks, gamification, and rewards!

Employee Recognition

Improve your employee retention and loyalty to the company through a simple but powerful method - employee recognition! It will bring motivation and feeling of appreciation!


Provide modern, effective and exciting learning option for your employees, and increase their knowledge about important topics that matter to your company!

Employee Advocacy

Build a positive brand and employer image through internal and external employee communication by encouraging your employees to become the company’s advocates!

Why Choose Us

Improved Productivity

A better acquaintance with colleagues, a friendlier team and a pleasant working environment motivate experienced employees to work with higher returns and easier to attract new talents to the company.

Knowledgeable Experts

Leading experts in the field of well-being are invited to develop the challenge. Valuable consultations and on-the-spot lectures for employees.

Virtual Gamification

Fast and easy way to create goal-oriented and interactive activities for any size company or teams. Connect employees from remotely located branches. Opportunity to promote healthy habits while linking your employee to your company’s core values and creating a sustainable work environment.

Health Insurance

Detailed statistics will help you to better understand your employees and will allow to choose more appropriate health insurance.

365 positive feedbacks

91,5% of challenge participants would suggest taking a part in Efectio challenges. We received many thank-you letters and pleasant comments. Here are just a few of them!

Efectio Team

Arturs Bernovskis


Elina Labrence

Project manager | Content creator

Olegs Nikitins

Workplace strategy consultant

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