Active employees are more energetic and more productive

The Efectio platform motivates employee to engage in physical activities smarter and analyses employee’s productivity, well-being, sleep quality and other data, thus providing data on the impact of physical activity on employees’ productivity and well-being.


The use of the platform begins with an individual assessment and goal identification


An employee sets the goal of his individual activities and chooses which prize to receive for achievement of the goal


Each physical activity allows an employee to collect points and contributes to the team result


Earned points employee exchange for the selected prize

The benefits

The Efectio platform combines three elements that will help any company to create a physically active lifestyle culture and increase the company's productivity:


Convenient activity tracking with the help of smart technologies and setting of the goals helps an employee to take steps in creating active lifestyle every day and to keep track of the progress.


The motivation scheme and elements of the competition make the process interesting for employees.


Companies and teams set common goals, challenge colleagues and competitors, gaining measurable data on employee activity, the level of engagement and the activity impact on productivity.


Research conducted by health organizations suggest that physical activities contribute to brain activity, therefore, active people are more successful in coping with their responsibilities. Physical activities:

  • improves concentration ability
  • restores energy reserves
  • improves brain function
  • helps to find a balance between work and life
  • teach to overcome inconvenience
  • improves stress sustainability

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Higher productivity and lower stress level

The aim of Efectio is to increase every person’s productivity and reduce the stress level through physical activities smartly using technologies. We work to create integrated personnel management solutions that allows companies to measure employees’ well-being and environmental impact on productivity.

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