For Daily Sustainability

  • 10+ years of experience
  • 28 days of challenge sustainability program for employees considers opportunities to be environmentally friendly on a daily basis.

The benefits of the challenge

  • Helps to motivate employees better
  • Improves work productivity and increases work involvement
  • Allows employees to succeed and gain positive emotions throughout the challenge
  • Improves the ability to deal with situations and find new, sustainable solutions
  • Improves the communication process
  • Increases employee satisfaction with their job
  • Allows you to develop and build a team
  • Helps you to make better use of employees talents

What will you gain?

  • Learning how every day small steps can do great things for growth and sustainability.
For Daily Sustainability

Meet your mentor.

Mentor Agnese Gaidelione is an ambassador for a sustainable green lifestyle, the author and manager of the company sia with an education in design, higher education in personnel management and law. Find out and apply with Agnese in the „Learn and Apply” programs with small steps towards a sustainable everyday life.


Agnese has more than 10 years of experience working with sustainability in green public procurement, taking care of staff growth and interest in improving day-to-day processes.


Riga Stradins University – Master of Laws at the Faculty of Law

Riga Technical University-Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, Human Resource Management (professional bachelor’s degree in work organization and management of institutions and qualification of personnel manager)

College of Law, Human Resource Management (Qualification-Personnel Specialist)

Valmiera Art High School (professional secondary education-Design)

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Challenge “For Daily Sustainability”

20 tasks will help you to achieve sustainability in your daily life. But for the company, this challenge will give them the opportunity to learn about the versatility of their ambassadors, their talents and their vision for development.

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