Ilze Danelsone

is certified life coach. She believe that you can live a full life. All you have to do is fall in love with yourself, find your true calling and the strength to fulfill it.


Ilze have been working on personal development for over fifteen years. All these years, she always have been looking for answers on how to do it, not why she can’t. She have attended a lot of training, ran a studio where smart teachers meet curious students, worked in a personal development training company and have been alongside the growth of many people until she found her vocation in the coaching profession, a profession where she can make the world a better place. This conclusion is also reached by all her clients who choose to look for the meaning of their life – to make the world a better place, where they would like to live and where their children could live. There is a saying – similar attracts similar, so it has been tested in practice – as you change, so does the world around you. It becomes exactly the way you want to see it.
Today she continues to work on herself every day. She continue to learn and acquire new knowledge and practices in order to pass them on to her clients. Therefore, she have experienced all the challenges she share and continue to practice them in her daily life.




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What People are Saying

“There are times when you have successfully moved forward and suddenly life stops you or you allow yourself to stop. You feel that something is pulling you back, you are slipping and there is nowhere to cling, nowhere to hold. Coaching is the hand of a trusted friend. who holds and shows a cinema about your life – what it could be like. .
I was lucky that the coach was my friend, who, with grace and a gentle hand, pulled me over the mud in which I had stood. I was lured over so that I rose above them and they were no longer my mud or my business and it all remained somewhere else in my life. It turns out that I have long known how beautiful, smart, valuable and happy I am. It is as if you dream, solve and know everything yourself. The coach just stood by you and kept your hand friendly …
Thank you, Ilze, for your respect, for your non-intrusion, for your interest, for your sense of security and freedom, for your love and for your honesty. And for the butterflies in my belly that are returned! And about the pink dandelion wave foam …. “
Elita Blauberga
Coachee of Ilze
“There had been a very emotionally difficult time in my life. Several unrelated people and professionals had already indicated that I needed to see a psychologist. However, my inner voice kept telling me that this was not exactly what I needed. In her coaching process, Ilze offered me to go to her coaching session, not even knowing what it was until I was in. At the end of each coaching session, I was surprised – how had I not imagined it before ?! my life, relationships with others.
Coaching is much more suitable for a modern person than a psychologist. If a psychologist helps you put everything in boxes and fight your ghosts of the past (even those that happened to you just an hour ago), then coaching is about getting to know yourself by talking to yourself. Any emotions arise in you, so you are the one who determines how you feel at the moment. By nature, man is meant to live happily in love
to yourself and everything around you, but the modern world is based on materialism, consumption, competition, and so on. things that destroy a person’s true happiness. Coaching is what helps you to see yourself, get to know yourself and find answers to all your questions in YOURSELF.
My story about coaching is focused on emotional self-organization, but you can also find a solution to a very mundane thing. The coach is the one who will take you to the answer that is already in you during the session, but you will not be able to reach it. In all sessions, I found answers to the questions raised. In the period between sessions, I continued to work with myself on a coaching basis. Since I had to organize my whole life instead of finding an answer to one question, I had all the sessions very useful, because after a while I got stuck in my questions again. And that’s when the next session came.
I put my life in order, my view of myself, I fell in love and accepted myself, I accepted others as they are.
Of course, working with it all continues today, but now it is through love and not suffering, and coaching helped me realize that it is me who determines and manages my life, not the standards accepted in society, fashion, other people’s thoughts, etc. hence, the true answers to any question I will get by looking at myself.
I went to coaching sessions with Ilze while she was still learning about coaching. Even then, the coaching sessions with him were conducted professionally. She learned to separate friendship and coach / client relationships, and she didn’t succumb to my pressure – tell me, please, I don’t know or understand anything!
I would also like to emphasize her soothing voice, it was so in a place where my emotions crossed over. It was great for her not to take over my arousal and to remain calm until the end of the session, despite the fact that we have been very close friends with her for more than 20 years now. “
Dace Cimere
Coachee of Ilze
“Moving to a new home country, leaving Latvia to work, I realized that I need a ‘side view’, it is worth talking from time to time, analyzing and understanding where to go. Often people do not understand the problem and cannot help with valuable, objective advice, but you are already at a dead end that the main motto of the day is “Everything is bad”.
It is my belief that it is worthwhile for everyone to talk to coaches, psychologists and other supporters at some point in their lives. How would I describe coaching? Coach, a supervisor to your abilities. He sees your strengths and weaknesses from the sidelines, using them successfully so that you come to your own answer. At first the process is awkward and seems banal, now looking back, it helps to put your “Want-Power” on the shelves.
During the session, I discovered important life insights that brought me back to my great life goals.
After the session I started to believe in my abilities, my power, to hear the positive evaluation from others without even asking for it.
Ilze – balanced, calm, I could compare it to a chamomile tea drinking ritual – slow, calm, balanced and the effect comes gradually but steadily. “
Dace Zandberga
Coachee of Ilze
I chose coaching because I am looking for answers on how to act in challenging situations, how to maintain self-confidence, not to be influenced by other people’s opinions or judgments about myself, how to preserve myself without indulging in others or offending anyone else.
This was my first experience with coaching. At first, I didn’t really know what to expect from it all and how it would happen and what the outcome would be. For me, it was like a cry for help and support.
Ilze asked me questions, often the same thing, only in many different ways. At the time, I wondered how the same question could be asked in so many ways.
That was also the purpose of the questions – to teach me to find the answer in myself. The process of coaching is such a very deep insight into oneself, analysis, evaluation until one arrives at an answer, conclusion or solution.
The work with Ilze was successful. After 6 sessions, I felt much safer and more confident, which became even stronger later.
During the coaching, I realized that I can find all the answers and solutions only in myself, everything is within me – how to solve the problem, how to look at it and evaluate it.
Coaching with Ilze helped me learn to evaluate difficult and difficult situations without stress and unnecessary anxiety.
No one else will tell me what is better for me, I have to find it for myself, it is working with myself, getting to know and understanding myself and coaching is useful here, which helps to discover and see my potential in a special way.
I really enjoyed the sessions with Ilze, we had good contact, I liked Ilze’s composure, patience and ease as she “played” the same question in so many different ways until we got an answer.
I would recommend Ilze as a coach to anyone who is considering coaching.
The sessions with Ilze were easy and unforced, her questions taught me to open up to myself, to look deeper into myself and to understand that everything is fine with me.
Thank you, Ilze ❤️
Gunta Cimare
Coachee of Ilze

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