Efectio Ltd. (“Efectio”) is responsible for providing the challenge platform – my.efectio.com (the “challenge platform”). The Terms of use (the “Terms”) include information about the challenge platform’s general terms of use, privacy and challenge rules. The Terms apply to all persons (hereinafter referred to as the User) who use and / or visit the challenge platform.

By accessing, using and / or registering on the challenge platform, the User agrees to have reviewed, understood and accepted the Terms. Efectio undertakes to inform the User of any changes made to the Terms, so that the User is kept informed of any changes to the Terms, as the content of the Terms may be changed, modified, amended at Efectio’s sole discretion and need.

If the User does not agree with all the Terms, the User will be denied further use of the challenge platform and no registration access will be granted. The User assumes responsibility for compliance with the Terms. By ticking “I have read and accept Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy” when requested, the User has taken full responsibility for compliance with these Terms and agrees to them.

If you have any questions regarding the challenge platform rules, email us at Efectio: team@efectio.com.


User – an individual who is registered with the Efectio challenge platform.

Public Challenge – a free or paid challenge available to any Platform User.

Company Challenge – A closed, paid challenge that is paid and organized by the company for its employees.

Manager – the person in charge of the challenge profile of the company.

Administrator – The user who has been granted access to administer a particular challenge, i.e. edit the content of the challenge settings.

Access and Use of the Service

Efectio provides access to the Challenge Platform, its technical operation and / or content, at the customer’s request and with an appropriate challenge fee plan. The challenge platform is tailored to the client’s wishes and type of challenge – public challenge, corporate or office challenge. If necessary, additional support, counseling and other communication with the client is provided.


In order to access Efectio’s paid products / services, the User must pre-pay for the selected payment plan.

The User agrees to provide the necessary information to successfully complete a payment transaction:

– in the case of an individual: including but not limited to account or credit card number, credit card expiration information and / or billing person’s name.

– in the case of a legal person: name, address, registration No.

By signing up for a paid product / services, the User represents and warrants that he or she is entitled to use the credit card or other payment method associated with the product / service and that the information provided is true, correct and complete.

By submitting these Terms, the User grants Efectio the right to transfer this data to third parties to ensure full payment for the Efectio product / service.

Responsible and Lawful Use of the Challenge Platform

The User agrees to abide by all of the following rules regarding the use of the Challenge Platform. The information posted by the User on the Challenge Platform shall not give rise to any liability on the part of Efectio to others who do not breach the following terms:

Offensive Content:

  • You may not upload, use, publish, distribute or otherwise spread illegal, offensive, defamatory, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, harassing, threatening, malicious, harmful content that may offend on or violate the privacy of others or otherwise be harmful to the Challenge Platform.

Illegal content:

  • You may not upload, download, post, distribute or otherwise transfer content that facilitates illegal, criminal, or fraudulent use to the Challenge Platform.

Copyrighted Content:

  • You may not upload, download, publish, distribute, edit, modify or transfer content that may infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other person’s intellectual property on the Challenge Platform. The infringement may result from unauthorized copying, publishing, editing, altering or redistributing of any content, including graphics, images, photographs, logos, software, products, music or video. By publishing any content through the Challenge Platform, the User acknowledges that he has the legal right to use, distribute and publish such content.Efectio reserves the right to delete any content that violates the content posting rules outlined above in the Terms by warning the User. In the event of a repeated breach, Efectio has the right to delete the User and deny further access to the Challenge Platform.

Privacy and Copyright

Each registered User is under an obligation not to disclose his or her account access details to other persons. All actions on the Challenge Platform with a registered User’s profile using the correct username and password will be deemed to have been performed by the registered user himself / herself on that profile.

Each User is fully responsible for any information that is posted on the Challenge Platform and assumes full responsibility for any consequences of such posting. The User may only post content on the Challenge Platform to which the User has full and unlimited rights.

You may not decompile, disassemble, or otherwise disclose the Challenge Platform’s source code, object code, basic structure, ideas or algorithms, documentation, or information related to the Challenge Platform. The User is not permitted to copy, distribute, modify, translate or create derivative works based on the Challenge Platform. The User may use the Challenge Platform only for its intended purposes, and may not use the Challenge Platform for any other purpose in favor of third parties.

The User agrees that the Challenge Platform and the names, logos, content, design materials (in the summary “Signs”) contained therein are the property of Efectio Ltd. The User is not entitled to use the Marks in any advertising, publicity or otherwise commercial manner without prior consent of Efectio Ltd.

The User agrees that the Challenge Platform and the names, logos, content, design materials (in the summary “Signs”) contained therein are the property of Efectio Ltd. The User is not entitled to use the Marks in any advertising, publicity or otherwise commercial manner without prior consent of Efectio Ltd.

Voluntary Improvement Suggestions for Challenge Platform

In no event shall Efectio or the Company’s employees endorse or consider the ideas or recommendations presented and the improvement of the Efectio Product, including marketing activities, advertising ideas, product packaging and other related materials, name, business research, new products, product names. This policy is designed to avoid disputes if Efectio products or marketing strategies appear to be similar to ideas presented to Efectio or company employees.

The above rules apply to any idea, suggestion or suggestion made voluntarily, regardless of the statement contained in the accompanying material. All ideas voluntarily submitted to Efectio, except to the extent that they violate our Privacy Policy, which are voluntarily submitted, become the property of Efectio without any compensation.

Efectio Responsibility

Efectio provides access to and technical operation of the Challenge Platform. Efectio assumes no responsibility for any future activities of the Users. Users are responsible for their own state of health and fitness, as well as their performance and results through the use of Efectio products / services.

Efectio disclaims any responsibility for any consequential, incidental, or consequential loss of any kind of money and / or profits (whether or not we have been notified that such loss may occur) in connection with any action on the Efectio Challenge Platform. This paragraph applies to all content and services available on the Challenge Platform.

Refund of the Service purchase

Users have the right to request a full refund of the money paid within 15 days of payment for the Service, unless otherwise stated in the Portal or in the Service Description. To return the money paid, the User must contact the Service Provider by e-mail: team@efectio.com, attaching to this e-mail a proof of payment and an invitation to return the money paid.

The User may at any time, free of charge and free of charge, unsubscribe from the Service in the “Profile” section or by requesting termination of the Efectio Service by phone +371 29166733 or email team@efectio.com. Upon termination of the Service, Efectio will suspend automatic payments from the User card and may immediately and permanently delete all User information, including activity analysis, any consultancy provided, growth plans, menus and training plans.

Dispute Resolution

All disputes between Efectio and the User shall be resolved by negotiation. If such disputes are not resolved, they shall be resolved by a court of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the Terms and the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, taking into account the principles of conflict of laws that may govern the application of foreign law.