Dace Lace

is a passionate well-being expert and designer of wellbeing strategies with more than 20 years of international experience in leadership advisory, talent management, and human resources development consultancy. Author of WellLiving concept. Realizing programs for leaders and teams to boost engagement, vitality and energy, high performance, loyalty, and productivity as well as reducing stress, which all foster organizational accomplishments.


  • More than 12 years of experience in Human Resource Management consulting, Leadership Advisory, and Executive Coaching (ICF Certified Coach) at Mercuri Urval;
  • Program Leader at Latvijas Universitate, Management and Entrepreneurship Training Center (VUMC);
  • CEO and WellLiving Expert at Talent Art for 7+ years;


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What People are Saying

For almost 20 years, we have repeatedly asked Dace for help with recruitment issues in the Baltics. Why such permanence? Working with Daci is easy. She quickly feels like a client and by asking the right questions, the profile of the potential candidate is formulated. When looking for a new employee, the employer is under some stress. But Dace’s conviction, professional experience and even the timbre of the voice calm down and make sure that everything will be fine. And it’s really okay! With the help of Dace, we have always managed to find very good employees!

Janis Podskalns
Chief Executive Officer at CSC Cooperation SIA
Nowadays, it is not enough for companies to simply check a candidate’s suitability for work on the basis of technical indicators: education, experience, qualifications, language skills, category B rights or computer skills. It is necessary to understand whether the relevant candidate will be able to fit into the team, will be able to fulfill the assigned tasks, to make a contribution to the company, whether the personal qualities are suitable for the respective job. TalentArt and Dace Lāce perfectly organize personnel selection work, interviews and also employee evaluation, using both tested personality, skills and intelligence tests, as well as new methods in the Latvian market. Daci would especially recommend for the selection of specific specialists, as well as high-level specialists. The employee is the most valuable “asset” of the company and the benefits accrue to those employers who understand it, pay special attention to the selection and then take care of the growth of the hired specialists. The right employee must do the right job! Thank you for your cooperation!
Kārlis Veisbārdis
Member Of The Management Board / Insurance professional
I recommend Stress Detox with Dace Lace to executives who need a quick reboot, release from stress and return to the source of strength.
In addition to good techniques for stopping stress, the seminar itself provides deep relaxation, releases creativity!
Thank you Dace, I haven’t felt so free for a long time!
Irina Bausova
Director of Educational center of Management and Entrepreneurship at University of Latvia
Participating in Stress Detox was a great opportunity not only to reflect on the relationship with the world around you and take a deeper look at the causes of stress, but also to learn practical techniques for reducing daily stress. They do not require a lot of effort and can be used in almost every situation.
Janis Ikstens
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Latvia

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