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Work Safety Training

Reduce work-related accidents by incorporating a virtual reality training program. Provide your employees with the best immersion for better results and a cost-effective solution.


Virtual Reality Work Safety Training

A well thought-out workplace safety training will ensure that your employees are ready for emergency situations, aware of any health risks in the work environment and your team takes care of its own safety. Efectio provides virtual realty work safety training that is more immersive than regular training programs leading to fewer incidents and better results overall while also saving costs.


Virtual Reality Workplace safety programs can reduce employees’ injuries by 50%! Make sure your company’s job safety briefing is effective!

Benefits for employees

  • The opportunity to get acquainted with work safety materials at a convenient time and place.
  • Next-generation workplace safety training that is more visually informative than other methods, helps to learn and understand concepts faster.
  • Acquisition of job-specific workplace safety, which prevents the collection of unnecessary information.
  • Fragmented and interactive learning process that allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Opportunity to become the most competent employee on safety issues, earn points and receive rewards.
  • Higher confidence after virtual reality safety training.

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