4 Main Principles to Spend a Productive Work Day Working From Home

4 Main Principles to Spend a Productive Work Day Working From Home

4 Main Principles to Spend a Productive Work Day Working From Home

It’s no secret that when working from home, our self-discipline is much more critical. It is much harder to get up early, not postpone work and keep a work-life balance. Read: Work-Life Balance When Working From Home But in reality, remote work can dramatically improve our productivity and engagement. Statistics claim that those who work from home are 10 minutes less unproductive per day and are 47% more productive overall. What are the ways to achieve this?

Here are 4 effective ways to become as productive as possible while working from home!

Arrange a pleasant work spot

When working from home, you are free to create an atmosphere around you that inspires you and where you will actually enjoy spending a large amount of the day. You can work on the balcony or terrace in warm weather, enjoy the fresh air and the birds chirping. You can turn on your favorite music in the background; create a visualization wall near your working environment that will remind you why you are doing this and what you are striving for; write on a sticky note the mission and goals of your organization, place it in a visible place, which will give even the most minor tasks more meaning, etc.

Start working early

Perhaps, you often hear suggestions to adapt to your natural rhythm, depending on whether you are a morning lark or a night owl; most often, you can spend the day more efficiently if you do the most important tasks early in the morning. Thus, you will be in front of others (and this will be a satisfying feeling in itself), you will most likely keep a good motivation for the rest of the day and you won’t have to worry about the most challenging/important work-related tasks of the day, but spend time on personal things.

Track your time for each task

Often when planning a to-do list for the day, we estimate doing the tasks faster than we can actually do them. Whether your employer tracks worked hours or just requires you to report on progress, following how much time you devoted to each task will not only keep track of where your hours have flown but will also motivate you to accomplish tasks faster (including not dealing with unnecessary stuff that interferes with your attention).

Plan how you will spend your free time

Plan out what you want to do after work. Be it time with family, physical activities, going for a walk, or a hobby. Thus, it will additionally motivate you to finish work quicker, maintain harmony and not neglect your personal life. Tip: Try to leave a few hours every day to have nothing planned and leave room for freedom.

Of course, working from home has its pros and cons, but it is worth making the best from it. By being persistent, looking for what works for you, and creating a good day rhythm, you can significantly improve your quality of life, both personally and professionally. Read more: Motivation while Working from Home

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