Motivation while Working from Home

Motivation while Working from Home

Motivation while Working from Home

Many have switched to working from home in the current world situation if their job responsibilities and profession allow it. Dramatic changes in daily life include both new benefits and challenges to meet when changing the work environment and the day’s rhythm. How does environmental change affect productivity and employee motivation?

What are the biggest challenges when working life is moved home, and you can sleep longer because you don’t have to spend time on the way from home to work? Read more: Trends for Remote Work in the Global Labor Market.

New challenges for working from home

Although the usual home environment is so familiar, it is more associated with the leisure and private area, adapting to the needs of working from home, getting to know yourself again, facing more or fewer difficulties, and looking for motivation again.

Nulab survey of remote workers shows that “72% of employees do not have a particularly suitable environment for working at home. And 40% of employees who work from home do not have a suitable desk surface. ”

What are the challenges for people working remotely?

  • Creating a suitable workplace at home – includes both the work surface, the necessary equipment, technology, and sufficient free space. Adapting to unusual working conditions may mean finding new solutions, possibly rearranging the usual arrangement of furniture. It is important that the workplace can be provided with the necessary equipment or technology so that the work process is not restricted and hindered.

No matter how comfortable it is in bed, more productive work will be in the right workplace, thinking about a comfortable chair and adequate lighting! The work environment also affects internal motivation.

When arranging a suitable workplace at home, one should not forget about creating a daily plan or rather adapting it so that long sleep and energy loss do not become commonplace:

  • A full day plan – In order not to lose vitality, productivity, and laziness, which is often caused by the cozy atmosphere, it is important to include:

– waking up early – disciplines, creates motivation and sets the mood for a new beginning of the day;

– good breakfast and other meals – provide energy and supply the body with the necessary nutrients;

– work-free time for one of your hobbies, for example, watch a series, read a book or do a morning workout;

– breaks – 15-30 minute breaks help to relax and improve work productivity, creative thinking and stabilize mental health;

– physical activities – when employing yourself mentally, it is important to maintain balance with physical activity – training, long walks, running;

– time in the fresh air – after spending the day indoors, it is necessary to absorb oxygen and “ventilate the head”.

A well-arranged work environment and an organized daily plan also include communication and communication with colleagues and the manager in order not to lose the communication that existed under normal working conditions:

  • Less contact with people and indirect communication – spending all day at home, not meeting directly with colleagues or other employees. To maintain communication, suggest that the employer create a common communication channel! Modern features include various ways to communicate remotely, such as Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, and more. Read more: Engaging Employees in a Project as a Motivation Strategy.
  • Give up temptations during work – just like in the workplace, at home, set your own work schedule, how long you will work, so that you do not end up spending most of your time on entertainment and home responsibilities instead of doing your job to the fullest. For instance:

– turn on the flight mode on your phone so that you are not tempted to use social networks;

– put away the TV remote or other game console;

– close additional open windows on the computer with online shopping, video, or series;

– replace unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, etc.).

Low self-limitations will help you focus, stay focused, and boost your motivation at home.

Benefits and intrinsic motivation

Despite all the challenges, working from home opens up new possibilities. In order to be able to assess the benefits, it is necessary to look at it from a long-term perspective and create a positive internal work environment at home as well.

  • Higher productivity levels

In the annual survey, FlexJobs found that “65% of employees were more productive when working from home rather than in the office. This is not surprising, as adapting to the environment, avoiding distractions in the workplace, and removing thoughts from stress can help you focus better on the tasks at hand. ”

Higher productivity promotes a sense of satisfaction, creating an internal motivation to work at full capacity, even at home.

  • Mental health care

By spending more time at home, it is possible to focus on your well-being, organize your thoughts, reduce stress. According to FlexJobs statistics, “80% of people working from home estimated that they experienced less work-related stress when working from home.”

  • Saving time and money

It’s no secret that time and money go to work, both by public transport and by car. When working from home, the opportunity to use this time before and after work is useful. Another great way to save money is to cook lunch at home instead of the usual out-of-home meals. In this way, you can also take care of your health by preparing a wholesome and healthy meal.

New working conditions are a challenge for anyone who is not used to working remotely, but by organizing their daily lives and paying attention to mental and physical health, it is possible to improve their well-being. Motivation can be found in balanced work and private life, when the environment is motivating and work-promoting.







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