Engaging Employees in a Project as a Motivation Strategy

Engaging Employees in a Project as a Motivation Strategy

Engaging Employees in a Project as a Motivation Strategy

Is work efficiency and productivity reduced due to the usual work routine? Where to find enthusiasm and motivation to work with dedication and interest? On the other hand, does the employer or manager want results and fresh ideas in the company? This situation can be used to increase employee engagement and implement new ideas. Read more: How to Promote Employee Motivation

Often, unrealized projects and ideas have prevented the company from developing and reaching higher peaks, thus providing growth opportunities for new and experienced employees.

Interactions and benefits

According to the Global Culture Report, the results were surprising: “41% of employees said they would refuse promotion if their daily work responsibilities became more diverse. One way to achieve this diversity is to allow and encourage employees to work on specific projects.”

In order to change the atmosphere at work, to communicate with each other, and to promote productivity, active involvement in projects or tasks should be encouraged. It is characterized by activity or energy, confidence in the success of the project and the team, and the ability to focus on work.

For example, studies have shown that engagement increases team performance, customer attitudes, and efficiency levels. Read more: How to Reward Employees and Increase Motivation. It is important for project and team leaders to promote a work environment that creates the conditions for these positive behavioral outcomes, or when employees are involved, the team becomes successful and cohesive.

How does this interaction work?

  • When an employee gets involved in a new and interesting project, they are:
  • focused attention to the details of the task;
  • established communication and close mutual relations;
  • balanced support in challenges;
  • increased commitment to complete the project;
  • unconscious involvement in special sub-projects;
  • effective communication with others, broadening the horizons;
  • personal and professional development is also promoted;
  • creative solutions to problems are sought;

→ promoting employee motivation to work.

But not always entrusting a new task to an employee will have a positive effect on the employee’s enthusiasm and the quality of the project. The opinion and willingness of employees to participate in the specific project must also be taken into account.

“Give team members the autonomy to choose a project that interests them. I have seen a change in employee customers as soon as they have the opportunity to use this creativity. When employees are given access to new ideas and energy, they break old patterns and offer more creative solutions. Customers also notice and love the results,” says George Brooke, business owner of a digital products agency.

Key benefits

It is mainly during these special projects that employees can learn new skills as well as make different use of their existing abilities. For example, employees have the opportunity to communicate with colleagues with whom they do not communicate or work together on a daily basis. It unites more teams by facilitating the exchange of information and communication within the company.

  • Generation of creative ideas and solutions – By involving different employees, it is possible to discover unique solutions and different approaches to project implementation in new projects.
  • Ability to find compromises, cohesion – In order for a joint project to succeed, the participants must move towards achieving the specific objectives. Between new ideas, conflicts, discussions, one must be able to agree on a solution acceptable to all.
  • Improved work productivity and efficiency – By combining the strengths of the participants in one project, it is possible to achieve the best result of the task, as well as to work effectively in the respective field.
  • Increase in motivation and energy – By exchanging new ideas and new contacts, the hormone of happiness increases, which promotes the influx of motivation and energy.

“75% of employees surveyed reported that involvement in new projects helped them grow in a way that their day-to-day responsibilities could not be met. Of those employees who worked on specific projects, job satisfaction was 20% higher.” according to Global Culture Report data.

Engaging employees in exciting and new projects is a great creator of the company’s internal culture, as well as a driver of employees’ individual growth and motivation. This can increase employees’ sense of opportunities for growth and development, as interest in the project arouses a desire to learn and grow, and a positive impact on others. Read more: Motivation while Working from Home

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