How Gamification In Recruitment Can Attract Top Talents

How Gamification In Recruitment Can Attract Top Talents

How Gamification In Recruitment Can Attract Top Talents

Gamification has the power to attract top talents and turn a recruitment process interactive and engaging for candidates and measurable for employers. Read more: How to Create a Positive Work Atmosphere.

According to PwC 49% of job seekers turned down job offers because of a bad experience in the hiring process and 72% surveyed respondents agreed that they need to understand the work culture before they accept the offer. Gamification in recruitment is the solution to these challenges and also attracts skilled candidates.

Companies around the world still face challenges to recruit skilled workers. In 2018 there were 46% and in 2021 the number increased to 69% of surveyed organizations that found it hard to find and hire talents. In this article read how gamification grabs more attention and attracts talents.

Intriguing job applying format

Gamification revives vacancy advertisements, and helps to stand out in talent attraction competition. In result more job seekers apply for vacancy with gamification format. Job advertisements aren’t just regular text and job descriptions anymore. 

78% surveyed agreed that gamification in the hiring process  would make the company more desirable. And even already employed professionals would have an interest to apply for a new job, that’s hiring starts with gamification.

Self determined time for task accomplishment 

Because gamification activities usually take place online, more candidates can apply and engage in these interactive tasks in their convenient hours. Interviews are usually organized in the daytime, when already employed candidates might not have time or opportunity to arrive there. 

Identifies candidates’ skills and motivation 

Gamification activities in all recruitment stages give the opportunity to choose the most skilled and talented participants. Tasks’ completion includes specific skills that are necessary to do the real job in the organization. In more classical recruitment candidates may create better character in their resume and interview than their skills are actually. And also well skilled applicants also may not point all their skills and abilities in their CVs. Gamification reduces these risks and does evaluation right away.

It takes motivation and interest to do the gamification tasks. There is no longer a possibility of sending the same written CV to a couple similar companies.  Real-time leaderboard motivates candidats to perform better and try harder to win in the competition for a certain position. Plus the interactive tasks provide space for potential employees’ creativity and their individual abilities. And the insight on results can help guide the interview with candidate more specifically.

Talented employees are attracted through gamification quizzes and company related quests to have a look at work duties and culture. Talented and skilled job seekers are looking for outstanding and innovative, employee oriented organizations. And from the other side, the ability to see if candidates have particular skills for the work is the main benefit for companies of gamification in recruitment. 

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Gamification has come in all business stages, starting from recruitment and onboarding till upskilling and even marketing activities.

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