Game On: Types of Players in Gamification

Types of Players in Gamification

If you haven’t been introduced to gamification, hearing about it at your workplace may give you ideas of younger generations playing video games instead of working. However, gamified programs enable everyone on your team to join as a player to learn, develop, and build skills together. Find out what’s the most important to you when getting involved in games, and maybe learn something new about yourself!

While using gamification in the workplace only gets more popular over time, the need to learn how team members interact with it also grows. As a result, experts have been investigating the types of players and social dynamics of gamification.

Referring to card games, there are basically 4 types of players:

  • Hearts (aimed at socializing with other players),
  • Clubs (high competition spirit, often prevents others from playing),
  • Diamonds (trying to win, looking for strategies),
  • Spades (wants to learn, explore and expand the boundaries of the game).

Download the infograph HERE!

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