5 Ways to Make Your Onboarding Program a Better One

5 Ways to Make Your Onboarding Program a Better One

5 Ways to Make Your Onboarding Program a Better One

If you want to improve your onboarding process strategy, this can be tricky. However, onboarding conversion can save time and energy so that you can focus on more innovative projects. The maintenance of the onboarding program should be simple and preferably automated as much as possible.

If the process is simple, consistent, and efficient, it will make a good first impression for new employees and help keep the best team members in the company. Read more: Why Have Gamification in Training Programs.


In the employee onboarding process, it is desirable to automate documentation, rules, and video training, facilitating this process for both the new employee and the company’s management. Employees do not like to get a new job and sit at the table all day filling out forms.

When automating this process, consider sending forms to the new employee before their big day. This way, you will be able to focus on the more exciting aspects of the onboarding. Besides, automation can help to present the most boring parts of onboarding interactively.

Do something special for your employees

You want the new employee to feel needed and welcome, not only for the new talent to feel happy to be in your company but also to see that the company values ​​the new employee. For example, a week before the first day of work, employees can receive a personalized gift, which will remind them that the company is happy to meet them and, at the same time, allow them to take a peek into the company’s culture. This will create a positive first impression and high morale from the first day of work.

Relieve the anxiety of the first day

You can take several small steps to reduce an employee’s anxiety on the first day and help eliminate the nervousness associated with a new job. Ask other staff members to greet them warmly and accompany them from the door to the office in person. Introduce employees to the team in person and provide them with a list of company employees so they know who is responsible for what and how to communicate with everyone. Encourage others in the office to introduce themselves and go to lunch together, allowing them to spend quality time with the new team.

While these tasks may seem small, they will reassure new talent that they are welcome in the new workplace.

Make it interactive

Gamification is a popular new trend in business and can effectively engage new employees in the onboarding process. Assimilating employees into the company’s culture and industry through various practical and multimedia tasks for which points are earned will allow the onboarding process to be fun and sophisticated, creating a complete understanding of what will be expected of the employee.

Help to understand how to succeed

It is essential to have a structured approach that reveals what goals and KPIs new employees will have to achieve. The central aspect that interests all new employees is to gain as much knowledge about their role as possible and understand what will allow them to succeed in this position.

Help employees realize key priorities from day one. A brief overview of these matters will help strengthen expectations about their role in the company. Show them the goals of the particular department or team and have managers reveal their leadership style and approach. Discuss any bonus opportunities and provide an overview of the potential career path in your company.

By making sure all these key elements are combined, you will create an impressive onboarding program. To automate and create a company-specific onboarding process, companies will benefit from the capabilities of the digital platform Efectio, which combines a micro-learning model with gamification methods for successful onboarding for new talents.

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