How to Motivate the Millennial Generation?

In the 21st century, the millennial generation is starting to take over the labor market. There are many tips out there, in the world of the Internet, on how to work with millennials. In this post, you will be able to find 5 ways how to motivate millennial employees and some personal experience.

Encouragement and feedback

Millennial generation needs to know that they are noticed. This generation is known as needy or gets criticized for how much “reward” they are asking for. However, there can be a middle way. Employers should make it clear, that they appreciate good work and will reward. Keep in mind: “thank you” or “good job” will not cost you anything, but it will mean a lot to your employee.  

Challenges and professional development

Any opportunities for growth and development is one of the most important priorities. Do not underestimate this generation. They need a challenge from time to time. Especially, if you are offering some courses, let them later prove that they are capable of doing big tasks. Challenge millennial generations and give them responsibilities. Therefore, they will feel you trust them and it will make their work life much more interesting!

Part of the team

This is similar but looking from a little different point of view. Millennials should feel that their work is making an overall impact. Tell them they are part of something big. This will make them feel appreciated and motivated to work hard in order to reach the company’s goals. Let them know, that they and their work do matter.


Last but not least, offer flexibility where possible. Nowadays, the millennial generation does not seek 8 hour working days and many employers do not want to accept that. Let your employees, from time to time, work out of the office or use a hot-desking method in your company. Then your employees could work from the office or any other place. This will also show that you have trust in them and it is fully their ability to finish their duties.

There is almost nothing better than happy employees. Happy employees will guarantee the success of your business. The millennial generation is our next workforce, and they will make incredible things if employees will trust them, help them to develop, and sometimes give more flexibility. Read more: 13 Tips How to Motivate Your Team.

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