How to Revitalize Company Values

How to Revitalize Company Values

How to Revitalize Company Values

The company’s mission, vision, and values sound theoretical and elusive, which do not seem to be such important and influencing criteria. By determining and implementing the values set practically in the work environment, it is possible to improve and enhance efficiency, productivity, cohesion, and achievement of goals. Read more: Company Culture: The Key to Employee Engagement

Core values are closely linked to the company’s culture. How to make these company values visible to all employees and link them to the work to be done?

Determining the correct core values

First of all, remember that these values show the direction and what is important for the company to achieve the goal. It is also necessary to set values in the company to support them and move the company forward. Thus, values cannot be lost or blown into the air during the company’s operations because they are also in line with its philosophy. According to the statistics, “19% of employees do not understand the core values of their workplace.” This means that it is not worth thinking about practical implementation in the work environment if the basic values initially set are incomprehensible. 

There is no reason to choose company values just because they “need to be involved.” Blank statements create cynical and excited employees, alienate customers, and undermine management credibility.

How should be the correctly formulated company values?

  • comprehensible and clear so as not to create misunderstandings;
  • united with the company’s mission and vision;
  • short and concise.

Which factors affect and hinder the realization of values

Internal and external environmental factors can reduce the chances of successfully realizing and enlivening the values ​​in the company because:

  • Employees do not know or do not understand core values

This can be the main reason why it is so hard to enliven the values in a work environment. At first employer or manager should start by informing employees about the company’s overall profile, including the values ​​and their explanation. The more understandable, the better realization – uncomplicated things are easier to link to the work process and build a cohesive team.

  • Companys values ​​do not match with personal values

According to the employees’ assessed engagement in the work, “33% of employees believe that the company’s core values ​​do not match their personal values.” This situation reduces employee engagement and productive work because then the work is done only for the sake of performance, without added value.

  • Haven’t been enlivened to the work process

Company values ​​exist as separate parts formulated in the company description. For employees to truly understand and implement the strengthening of values ​​in the work environment, it is necessary to link these core values ​​with work tasks, organized events, and the overall environment in the company.

So what is the best and most effective way to bring the company values ​​to life in the work environment?

Bringing values to the action

Guidelines for the company’s core values can always follow through daily work processes, events, as well as specially organized events.

“Culture is a living value. Values are words written, and corporate culture is what shows how you [they] actually live,” said Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio.

To successfully update the values in the company, communication and engagement are the basis:

  • Communicate to employees the company’s core values with real-life examples;
  • Establish a link between each core value and each employee;
  • Include values in company presentations both directly and indirectly;
  • Pay more attention to employee development;
  • Evaluate employee engagement in updating values.

Practical activities

  • Creative afternoon

Organize an interesting event where employees have to prepare a short presentation, make a video or poster that reflects the company values ​​with examples of their expression. Authors of the most interesting works can be awarded some prizes or additional evaluation.

  • Value Realization Week

According to the company’s accepted procedures and possibilities, to arrange the value for a week either once or every month. During the Value week, employees need to help bring the company values ​​to life by recording their value on a calendar and taking a photo. For example, the value of a company is ‘teamwork’ and ‘trust’. To enliven these values, colleagues can offer each other an activity together such as a lunch break together, share useful advice on the work assigned, etc.

  • New solution for the slogan and logo

It is essential to bring the company values ​​to life and reflect them in the company symbols, such as the slogan and logo. These symbols are often used to promote the company, including the company values. Employees can get engaged and come up with a new slogan or logo within a month that would better convene and reflect core values. To make employees more active and willing to get engaged, you can think of a type of prize!

The meaning of values

Understanding of core values promotes the company’s operations. This is also one of the main reasons companies should develop some basic definitions to ensure that people know what they are talking about and what they are trying to accomplish. Company values can be brought to life by engaging employees, informing them, and organizing interesting activities! 




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