The Most Common Myths About Productivity

The Most Common Myths About Productivity

The Most Common Myths About Productivity

There are a huge number of articles and books available today on tips to improve your productivity. But in reality, these tips don’t always work. Often one of the reasons why we fail to become incredibly productive is the lack of patience, energy, and enthusiasm needed to introduce new habits.

However, much of the problem lies in the fact that many of the tips provided are not helpful. In addition, they can often even be counterproductive. Here are some of the key myths about productivity: the common wisdom that doesn’t turn out to help.

* Myth: Do as much as possible!

One of the most enduring myths is that working well means maximizing each day’s waking moment to accomplish as much as possible.

In fact, it is estimated that we have about three to four very productive hours available each day (source: Vouchercloud) when we are able to devote all our attention to an activity. Therefore, the main thing for productive work is not the duration, but increased attention to avoid distracting thoughts. This means that at the time of day when we have the most ability to concentrate, we need to complete the main tasks of the day!

* Myth: Set big goals!

If you set too many goals, you can overwhelm yourself with too many tasks. In the long run, this may suggest that the goal is too intimidating, distant, and difficult to achieve.

This does not mean that we must not have big ambitions or dreams. But in order to develop long-term productivity habits, it is best to set easily achievable goals that are gradually supplemented. This can be done by dividing the big goals into small tasks and “placing” them on a timeline, thus preparing a plan for achieving a big goal.

* Myth: Be busy!

We all complain that we are busy, and yet we continue to plan too many things in a day. This is partly due to the modern work culture, as well as the belief that we will achieve more if we commit to do more. Very often people tend to be busy but not productive.

Instead: try these techniques to avoid busyness:

  • focus on just doing three important things each day
  • be aware that you don’t always have to do something
  • say no to things that don’t contribute to your goals
  • introduce a morning ritual to devote time to thinking about how to organize the day

What minimal changes can I make today to achieve great results?

Let’s be honest with ourselves – we can’t do everything that productivity experts recommend at once. That is why most of us continue to do things the way we do. We know we’re not the most effective, but at least it works (at least we think so). These recommendations are proven strategies that can be tried out right now, starting with the smallest changes that will be easy to implement on a daily basis. Read more: 1-3-5 Law to Increase Productivity!

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