Importance of Employee Satisfaction Survey

Importance of Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction is an essential contributor to their loyalty to the company as well as to their productivity. But how do you find out whether employees are satisfied with the current work environment, what improvements are needed, and what problems each employee faces daily? Employee satisfaction surveys are the right answer! Read more: Company Culture: The Key to Employee Engagement.

Employee surveys are one of the most effective ways to get information about employee well-being and engagement in the workplace quickly, efficiently, and in one place, allowing you to assess the impact of managers on employees and the improvements needed to build future collaboration.

What is their contribution to the development of the company?

5 Reasons Why Employee Satisfaction Surveys Are Important

Referring to Forbes’ information on employee satisfaction and well-being at work, various statistics responding to questions of interest to companies have been identified, allowing to analyze the current internal environment of the company, compare it with past performance and find solutions. How is this possible? Employee surveys!

Employee surveys show their engagement in the company

Gallup polls show that teams engaged and interested in the business increase its profits by 21%. Employee satisfaction surveys can tell you how employees feel about their work environment, whether they are proud of working for the company, which affects their well-being, and what their personal recommendations are for solving existing problems.

Employees are given the opportunity to speak

89% of HR representatives confirm that feedback from employee surveys about the processes in the company is an important aspect of its future operations and problem-solving. In order to bring positive changes in the company, the employee needs to speak and express his opinion through employee surveys (by the way, employee surveys can be completed anonymously, allowing the employee not to reveal their identity and be fair).

Employee engagement in company processes is increased

Employees who feel heard at their workplace are ready to increase their productivity by 4.6 times. Employee surveys allow communication between the company management and its employees, which is an important aspect in ensuring mutual cooperation and promoting work productivity.

The company’s growth direction is determined

Employee surveys allow you to identify the most important issues affecting the company’s internal environment, find appropriate solutions to eliminate those problems and introduce new improvements that benefit most people in the company, thus being aware of potential growth opportunities within the company.

Comparison of results

Employee satisfaction surveys allow you to measure employee performance weekly and monthly, helping to determine the direction of their development, the gradual implementation of improvements, and the principles for building the way forward.

Employee satisfaction surveys are an important aspect of promoting company development and productivity by identifying employee satisfaction with company working conditions, their suggestions for improving the work environment, and implementing these recommendations. The company must give employees the opportunity to speak. This allows opinions to be delivered in a much more convenient and employee-friendly format: in writing as well as anonymously, giving as honest an insight as possible. Being focused on the needs of employees and seeking to meet them, the company has gained greater trust from employees, which also contributes to their loyalty to the workplace and satisfaction with their working conditions.

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