3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

One of the most important things to grow your company is employees’ motivation. Why? If they feel motivated to do their work, your company will achieve the desired goals. Therefore, how to keep employees motivated and enthusiastic is one of the difficulties that bother employers’ minds.

There are many personal and external factors that affect employees’ motivation. We cannot deny that private circumstances are playing a big role in motivation. However, some aspects come from the outside world.

1. Feedback

Simple as that, but very important for your employee. Give them feedback! This is one of the most important factors to motivate your staff. A right and good feedback can develop your staff’s skills, in order for them to keep doing a great job. Even if they are doing something wrong, giving them encouraging feedback on what is wrong, will help them to improve their work significantly. A good manager should not forget to say “thank you for the job”. At the end of the week, thanking the team for their accomplishments, no matter if it has been good or bad, the manager prepares staff on a positive note for next week’s work.

2. Identity of tasks

It may not keep your employees motivated if their first thought after a day at work is “What did I even do today?”. In other words, it is easier to stay motivated if one knows what should be accomplished.  It is particularly important to give clear instructions so that the employee has all the information needed to execute the idea. By skillfully delegating, the leader of the company can do more, while allowing the team to realize their potential.

Every one of us knows “to-do lists”. However, something different, such as, “what I have done” list at the end of the day or week, will unfold things in a different perspective, allowing to determine what has worked well and what needs to be improved. Moreover, display the list in a place that is easily visible to follow the tasks and stay on track.

3. Recognition of achievements

Last but not least is to tell your employees how important they are to the company, to praise their work, and recognize that without such a great team the company would not be where it is today. If your employee is putting effort to reach high results but his attempts are not recognized, do not expect it will last long. 

It is not only about recognition of great work but also how you do it. An annual bonus will not always do the trick. Commendation when it is heard by partners or other colleagues will light up employee motivation sparkle for a long time. Essentially, the manager needs to find out which employees like praises, money bonuses, more flexible working hours, etc.

At the end of the day, your employees are the ones who continue to grow your business. Treat them as valuable team members, give them feedback, clear instructions, and appreciate their work, providing opportunities for development and self-growth. Read more: 13 Tips How to Motivate Your Team.

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